Hiring Tendencies In The IT World - Infographic

Finding grand and appropriate talents is a hard task. Especially, in terms of the IT sphere. Glorium Technologies outlined with a beautiful info-graphic of software developers peculiarities considered as participants of the recruitment process. Let's have a look on infographic below:

Now Let's discuss above info-graphic in detail  below:

The main issue of the IT labor market is demand and supply imbalance. As a result, the vast majority of positions are extremely slowly filled. Moreover, specialists are not looking for the job, they simply receive offers. 

Consequently, employers are more flexible and looking for compromises. More junior positions have emerged on the market. And it is quite wise, as it is quite costly to hire senior professionals. It is more convenient to grow own specialists. Skill gaps are not so scary anymore. Employers are OK about filling some knowledge/experience shortages in the working process. There are much more opportunities to relocate or work remotely now.

Interesting fact: Specialists with the knowledge of both new and outdated technologies are in high demand since many companies are in the process of switching from out-of-date systems to the new ones. Such specialists can ensure a successful migration. 

The industries in high demand of IT specialists are finance, healthcare, managed services, telecommunications, and hospitality. There are three major reasons for hiring them: security, mobile tendencies, and big data. Wearables is another trend on the IT labor market, making even more positions available. 81 percent of CIOs predict that wearables will become a major attribute of a working place. 

To the most popular IT jobs in the US belong the positions of a developer, business analyst, quality analyzer, systems administrator, database administrator, and support. To the most popular IT skills belong .NET, Asp.Net, and C#, Java, PHP, Python, and Ruby on Rails.

The ones with the highest salaries are the following positions in Administration: CIO, CTO, CSO, Technology Director ($122,750 - $268,250). Leaders in Application Development are Applications Architect, Mobile Applications Developer, Lead Applications Developer ($110,750 - $171,750). System Integration highest salaries go to Senior IT Auditor and Practice Manager ($116,000 - $173,500). Database Administration Leaders are Big Data Engineer, Data Architect, Data Warehouse Manager ($123,750 - $183,500). 

To sum up, IT labor market is a great way to develop oneself as a professional. 

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