5 Reasons Your Instagram Page Isn’t Growing

If you are struggling to grow your Instagram page, you are probably making one of a few key mistakes. Here I have outlined the top 5 mistakes users make when trying to grow their page.

  1. Your content isn’t good enough
  2. On Instagram, content is king. You simply need to be producing great content to stand out amongst the crowd. People only follow you for your content.

    A lot of pages underestimate this, letting their standards slip over time without realising the effect this can have.  Other users will not often tell you that your content is bad; they will just unfollow. So make sure your Instagram strategy has content at its core.

  3. Your content is too varied
  4. Another massive mistake made by a lot of pages it to vary their content too much. Instead, target a small niche and aim to attract these users as much as possible.

    If you dilute your content with other types of posts, your page will become less attractive to users from each different niche.

    Instagram allows users to follow many pages to create an environment that is adapted to their interests. Let the users create the variety by following different types of pages, and don’t try to create this variety for them.

  5. Your content is not varied enough
  6. Whilst your content must remain focussed and not attempt to target multiple niches, this doesn’t mean you should be posting the same thing every day!

    Make sure you keep your content fresh and follow the trends of your niche.

  7. You don’t communicate your message properly
  8. You may have the best content in the world, but if you don’t have a story or message to go along with this content, it will be boring.

    The best pages use their images to tell the tale of their own lives. This is where the interest lies, i.e. in the personality, and not the actual image.

    Utilise your bio and the descriptions below each image to help tell the story of your page. Stories matter.

  9. You are not engaging enough
  10. One of the best ways to gain new followers on Instagram is to actually go out and find them. Find people you think would like your content, and engage with them.

    What does this mean in practice? Well, you might want to spend time liking relevant posts, commenting on those that you really like, and following similar users.

    By far the quickest and best method is to mass like photos. This can be really boring to do on your own, so a good solution is to use an Instagram automation tool to automate some of your engagements for you.

If you still aren’t growing after fixing these mistakes, its probably because your page simply doesn’t target a niche that has enough active users in it. Or, there is too much competition in your niche. Think about starting a new page in a better niche.

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