Nokia 3310 Hands On - Video

Nokia is back with its masterpiece 3310. There are huge fans all over the world for Nokia 3310 which were launched in 2000. Nokia already decided to relaunch its masterpiece with new features and styles and today from Mobile World Congress, Nokia launched it. Every one is waiting to see it again on hand and there's a lot more finger crossed about price for Indian fans.

There are more questions already raised in this new world of Smart phones. Will Nokia 3310 survive? Will it become a tough competitors for Smart Phones? Will people buy it? Let's see Nokia 3310 hands on video from Mobilw World Congress.


There is a huge risk to stand among the all smart phones. People believe that Nokia takes a tough risk to relaunch it but some people are still believe in just Mobile Phones rather than Smart phone. Now let see what will happen..

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  1. I am waiting for This Model. I would like to Buy this mobile.