Various Tools You Should Use As A Web Developer

In the world of development, the web is growing exponentially and getting more complex day by day. As a web developer, there are numerous tools in the market to make your work easier and faster. But, only some are being used by web experts in their projects. If you are one of those developers who prioritize their work and try to learn new tricks and tips to make their work easy, you can try some of the tools which everyone in the development industry should be using.

For the people who are getting started in the industry, here is a list of some trendy web development tools that make a difference in your workflow:

Sublime Text 3

Do you feel bored in editing your codes in dull interfaced editors? If this is the case, you can opt for one of the finest looking patented cross-platform source code editors which come with an API i.e. python application programming interface. It is an amazing piece of software, which is clean, smart, functional and fast code editor. 

Some of the key features which make it important for any web developer are:
  1. GoTo anything (a quick navigation to lines and files)
  2. Python based programming (API)
  3. Cross-platform (Windows, Linux, OS X)
  4. Command palette


If organizing is your thing, start using Trello to organize your projects, work and a lot more in an easier way. Basically, Trello is collaboration tool which helps in organizing your projects into boards. You can see all your projects into boards and lists are done by you and your team. Uploading file attachments, adding comments and creating checklists, due dates are just the matter of a few minutes.


Whenever you write a code, do you feel the need to save and reuse it in developing another website? Is it difficult? Well, here is a simple way to do it. CodeKit is a versatile small application for the toolkit of your app development. Suppose you are writing a CSS code using SASS (a pre-processor) and you need to render it in CSS file format and also have to compress and minify it. CodeKit does everything for you without wasting much time. It is able to compile SASS, JavaScript, Slim, Stylus, TypeScript, Markdown and much more automatically.


Need a trick to improve the speed of your website or web application? Here is one of the finest tools present in the industry. ImageOptim is an amazing image optimization and compression tool which free and easy to use for any web developer. It compresses images without losing much quality even a photo has been saved from Adobe Photoshop using it’s ‘Save for web and Devices’ feature.

Here are various tools which every web developer should be using in 2017. By no means, this is a complete list but these are the most effective and easy ones amongst all.

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