All About Business Development Basics

It’s my first article related to Business development so tried to written it in as possible as simple language and also forgive me for any grammar mistakes. Here we will try to actually understand the meaning of Business Development relating to IT (Design & Development) firms.

When we heard the word Business development especially relating to IT companies someone will directly think its sales few will think its Client relationship management. There are too many meanings of Business Development but what I actually think of Business Development its combination of sales and Client relationship management.

It’s all about How to make growth of organization. If your organization grows your own personal growth will surely going to increase. Many firms are compare this position with Sales but it’s not a pure sales role. It’s about making new clients and also establishing the relationship with existing clients. It’s bridge between clients and company.

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Basically what is process of Business Development? What is the main part of Business Development?

According my knowledge they are:

  1. Implement different strategies 
  2. Find leads
  3. Convert prospect to clients
  4. Client relationship management

There are many things about Business development which will I try to cover in next article. If anyone wants to know more about Business Development or want to communicate with me my contact details are attached in my signature.

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This article has been written by Dhaval Modha who is a Business Developer at Hexagon Infosoft, Ahmedabad and having more than 2 years of experience as a business developer. As per his experience and opinion, he started to write articles about business development in the simplest words. Here, you can read his first article in the simplest words. We, Vyas Infotech, welcome him in the world of Content writing and blogging and kindly request to our readers to cheer and motivate him via medium of comment.

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