The Youngest And The Oldest Olympic Gold Medalists

Age didn’t stop Olympic athlete Lucien Gauin from competing in 1928. At age 41, he won gold in fencing for France. Some people approaching Gauin’s age or older might not believe they have what it takes.

The below infographic created by Athletic Edge Physiotherapy in Toronto displays data from the Olympic website and individual athlete’s Wikipedia pages to show the oldest and youngest ages of summer Olympic gold medalists. Athletic Edge Physiotherapy Toronto helps athletes to stay physically active, ensuring they remain youthful and young at heart.

This creative infographic allows you to easily interact with athlete information, such as their sport, age, country and competing year. Even if you’re not training for an Olympic event, this data will prove that you can reach your athletic and fitness goals at any age.

Some sports with the smallest age gaps include judo heavy weight, taekwondo heavy weight and tennis singles, while the largest include golf, fencing, archery and tennis doubles.

Athletes such as Marjorie Gestring, who won gold in diving at age 13 in 1932 for the United States, and George Seymour Lyon, who won gold in golf at age 46 in 1904 for Canada, didn’t let their age stop them from training and competing to their fullest.

You don’t need to be a professional athlete to gain insight from the infographic below. Check it out for more information:

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